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For your business development

We provide a 3rd party valuation of assets with the support of specialized technical partners.

Our experience of merging or acquiring businesses is a real advantage if you want to succeed in your post-merger integration.

Asset & company valuation

For any M&A, farm-in or JV, we help you to get a better understanding by analyzing all available data (geophysic, geology, drilling, reservoir, facilities, fiscal regime).

Our objective is to help you:

- to understand the main probable outocomes for an asset under conditions of uncertainty

- to investigate multiple development scenarios to understand which may be optimal in meeting your business goals for that asset

- to consider as many scenarios as possible, early in the project life, to ensure maximizing value and impact on the final economics.

Project economics

Our project economics expertise is about testing the economic performance of your upstream projects under various scenarios so we can make informed, and documented recommendations.

We define the project scale and technology with an estimate of CAPEX and OPEX to  create cash-flow models that reflect the key project parameters.

The cash-flow models enable us to analyze project sensitivities. This information allows you to understand the project’s potential economic performance under a number of scenarios.

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