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Financing your operations

We help you to define and implement your optimal capital structure, but also to define your fund raising strategies, and approaches to fund providers (equity and/or debt). Our extensive network of equity & debt providers is a strong advantage when raising capital. 

Our knowledge of Reserves Based Lending concepts and teams helps you to get better financing and transactional terms.

Our understanding of investors' expectations helps you to improve your future road show strategy.

Financial Strategy

. We help you to set out how your organisation plans to finance its overall operations to meet its objectives now and in the future.

We advise on actions to be taken over a three to five year period to achieve the targets. 

Raising equity


Whatever your development stage, we help  you to get in touch with key European & North American E&P specialized investors.

We also help you to prepare these road shows by advising on your marketing strategies. Our knowledge of investors' expectations is an advantage when meeting them.

Raising debt

the Reserves Based Lending approach

Reserves based lending (RBL) is a commonly used technique for financing assets which are already in production or where production is expected to commence shortly.

Typically this involves a non-recourse loan the amount of which is based on the expected present value of future production from the fields in question, taking account of factors such as the level of reserves, expected oil price; a discount rate; assumptions for operational expenditure; capital expenditure; tax and any price hedging employed.

SPA helps you to contact the best arrangers  throughout the EMEA region.

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