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For your marketing

SUA has a specialized marketing department for the E&P companies.

We specialise in raising the profiles of Oil & Gas upstream companies to investors and stakeholders. The know-how and experience of working within this sector is our unique selling point and our approach involves revisiting your presentation mterials and utilising an extensive network of contacts that bridge top level executives and investors.

Raise your profile to investors & stakeholders.

Organizing meetings through our networks of Natural Resources / E&P focused financial institutions (more than 200 in North America and Europe)

Increasing the number of Research Analysts following your stock (benefit of our contacts with 50 sell-side analysts focused on International E&P)


Organizing & coordinating your analysts days, road shows, analysts trips, site visits…

Improve your Corporate Marketing, & Investor Relations.

Raising your IR to the best industry standards

Providing markets with the main key strategy’ elements they expect

Creating a special and up-to-date “Analysts / Investors Pack” to facilitate coverage

Build your corporate image.

Coordinating your different templates (website / IR presentation)

Simplifying and completing the content of your website

Preparing and drafting of Annual Reports, Interim Reports and Prospectus

Helping in media announcements, & management of all financial communication

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