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Our services to financial institutions

The objective of SUA is to help financial institutions to get an edge when valuing E&P assets, being at company or field level. Based on our deep understanding of subsurface, and our geographical expertise, we help you to make the best investment choices. 

Special research

the "E&P Catalysts table"

Stock performance of E&P companies is highly correlated to production and reserves growth, which is in fact the output of day to day Exploration / Appraisal / Development drilling.

In order to pick the best stocks in the E&P universe (300+ listed companies), we built a dedicated tool for institutional investors : it allows comparing E&A&D drilling strategies for E&P companies.

Based on our portfolio managment experience, we strongly believe it is key you get updated drilling schedules, which detail for E&P companies:

- Exploration vs Appraisal vs Development drilling

- Chance of success (based on our own understanding of the geological settings)

- Impact on company valuation for each well

- Ability to finance their drilling program under different oil price environments.

For producing companies, we add a simple quarterly production forecast​.

This easy-to-read but detailled table highlights most active companies, and gives highly informative indications about stocks to pick or avoid, and allows you following the key catalysts for each stock on a fortnight basis.

Portfolio reviewal

We can review your porfolio of E&P companies, and make recommendations before taking new positions.

Based on our knowledge of the universe of E&P international companies and our updated database, we take into account your strategy to design or optimize your current portfolio.

This 3rd party view gives you the opportunity to test your strategy and investment choices with an objective of portfolio optimization.

New investment opportunity analysis

As an investment fund, you review numerous opportunities. If you believe you need a special help to understand subsurface, we can hep you with the help of our dedicated team of geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and economists.

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